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Friday, October 4, 2013

I Whip My Hair...

Happy Friday!

I'm very excited about this weeked; 
I'm heading to Blacksburg, VA in a couple hours to enjoy some Virginia Tech Homecoming festivities. Everyone keeps asking me why I'm going... 
*cue Damian* "She doesnt even go here!"
I spent lots of undergrad weekends there and some of my closest friends went to VT,
 so any chance I get to meet-up with them I will. 
Plus I get to do that 2 birds with 1 stone thing and take care of some sorority stuff as well.
As far as packing for the trip to VA I need mainly one thing.

Elastic headbands so I can tame my new do!
What do you think?

I decided braids were the way to go!
They are fun for the Fall and I'm channeling my inner Dionne.
 I'm excited to play around with styles! Loving the bun so far!
After this weekend I hope to have more full length pics of my long locks!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

*birthday is in 5 days*
I think my backthatazzup songs are appropriate for the weekend!



Sara Elizabeth said...

Lovin' the new look!

Anonymous said...

I like the braids!! The braid bun is always fun to me. Both those songs are two of my faves!

Tanay Howard said...
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Tanay Howard said...

Love it chica!