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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Birthday Wish List!

My birthday is tomorrow!
I'm really excited that its finally here.

This week is extremely busy: dinners, work, karaoke, bar crawls, and tailgating.
Jam packed just in time for the celebration!

In the midst of all of this I wanted to treat myself this month so I wanted to share my wish list.
Some of these things I plan on getting myself no questions asked.
But others I hope that my friends and family check it out and get some ideas 
*cough* *cough*

The parentals will be here this weekend and that probably is the most exciting part about it all. I haven't seen my parents for a birthday in probably 10 years.
No joke.
College, parents living in Japan, and me moving around like crazy was the cause of that.
But now that they are in VA its no probably for them to come visit :)

But it is forewarned that I this will probably be the only post this week! I haven't gotten a chance to recover from my weekend at Virginia Tech and now birthday festivities have begun so next time I'm on here I'll probably be recapping.
So every have a great week!

Michael Kors Saffiano Tote: 
I am on a MISSION to get this purse. 
I don't have 400 dollars at the moment but its Royal Blue!!!
I love everything in this color!
Please please please!

 Black Toms:
I know its really crazy that I don't have a pair yet. 
Seems like everyone does already. 
But since Fall is here (right now the weather is perfect for them) 
Days that I dont wear boots (which probably wont be that many) and I need to put something on quick.
"Goes with everything" black is what I want, but I would love some silver sparkly ones too!

 Wonder Woman phone Case:
I can never have too many. 
But I only have one and when I use it I feel like I am using a Galaxy note.
It makes my phone so large!!
I need something sleek to showcase the awesomeness that is her.

I know I have a problem, but my legs look fabulous in them and I can't stop myself.
I specifically would like these Mulki from Shoedazzle, but pretty much all shoes are welcomed.



Simply Evani said...

When is a Michael Kors purse NOT on my wishlist? :) That's a beauty too! It'll be worth every penny, I promise you. My Hamilton is my baby.

Anonymous said...



Georgina said...

Happy early birthday! I absolutely LOVE that purse and am adding it to my wishlist ASAP! Have the best time ever this weekend, it sounds like a lot is on the agenda and will be so nice to finally have your parents with you xo

Eniola Prentice said...

I love the name of your blog! happy birthday! I will add the purse to my list for my birthday coming in December

Bad Luck Jenn said...

Apparently your birthday is the day before mine!! Hope you got some awesome things!! And happy belated birthday!