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Friday, August 16, 2013

Whats in my Bag. The Bourgie Edition

I love to travel. 
Because I do it so often I have developed habits and rituals;
Things that I need to survive the journey and make it go a lot smoother. 
I don't understand why its such a hassle for some people. 
I guess I'm usually travelling alone so I worry about what I need rather than a group. 
But I always have the same things with me every time I fly/ride the b.us
Driving is a little easier but still ultimately the same.

Kindle/charger: Filled with several books. I have made the mistake of only having one book on there. Sometimes i get in a mood where I will devour a book so quickly, but then I'm bored for the rest of the time. I like to be prepared. I don't want to be on my phone the whole time. But it does suck that on my kindle I can only work my apps if there is Internet. So that means no Fruit Ninja unless there is wi-fi. Sadness.

Umbrella: the one time I needed it in NYC I didn't have it so now because I am superstitious I always have it. Keeps my mind at ease.

Mini clutch: I always have my giant travel bag but not a real purse. In order to keep my wallet contents together the clutch comes in handy. No one wants to be that person in line that cant find their ID or debit card and proceeds to dig to the bottom of their purse. That bugs me!

Jewelry holder: I like to keep my jewelry with me. I think it really is a personal thing. Saves time at the airport so I can just throw my stuff back on without it ending up at the bottom of my bag.

Hygiene bag: traveling all day your mouth starts to taste funny. Or you feel like you get off the plane smelling like the airport or the people around you (gross) so as soon as I land I freshen up a bit. I am a serial deodorizer. B.O. is the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone on a the plane.

Makeup bag: these bags under my eyes are not going to cover themselves. For some reason traveling is so exhausting. All the removing of clothes and trudging through the terminal. Buying food. Waiting and being bored creates these "travel bags" and it takes me days to get rid of. I at least try not to look like hell when I get off the plane.

Sunglasses: I don't care if its 1030am or 1030pm. If I'm sitting at a gate, usually my sunglasses are on. I like to people watch. It keeps me from being on my phone and draining my battery. But I dont like people watching me do whatever I am doing lol I'm such a hypocrite. So i like to do it through sunglasses so people don't feel eyes on them. And if I am sleep you will never know. Plus I feel like it makes me look important and diva-ish. Maybe that's just in my mind.

Cell phone/charger: Duh. I'm writing a post about what gripes me about the airport later, but before I post that I just have to say; its 2013, why in the hell is it so hard to charge my phone???? The ratio of outlets to gates and passengers is awful.

Ipod/headphones: I need music to focus my attention when I am done people watching. I do often wonder what people listen to while sitting in the airport. Personally I tend to listen to really ratchet music (when do I not!) It keeps me awake and makes me feel really pumped. Impromptu lip syncing concerts may happen. Especially with 2 Chainz.

Sweater: I am always cold. Like always. And modes of transportation are usually always air conditioned. So being the educated woman that I am I bring a light sweater whenever I travel. I hate those people sitting near me complaining how freezing it is or how they don't understand why they have to have the temp so low. Would you rather be in a hot box with everyone's body heat and hot mouth and other scents or smells that may come about? Not me....i'm good with the air conditioning.

Brush: I tend to not care what my hair looks like travelling home because it always gets messed up anyway. But on the way to my destination I'm such a maniac about making sure I dint look like I've been on a bus or a plane all day.

Notebook: sometimes a random list needs to be made or a blog post idea. Either way I gotta write it down.

Snacks: Yes I am such a Fatty Mcgee. I need to snack to keep me sane. I am a huge b*tch when I'm hungry. I'm just keeping it real. My fave travel snack? White cheddar popcorn, Gummy worms, and pretzels. Salty sweet salty sweet. I always need the back and forth.

What are some essentials you NEED to have in your bag when traveling?



DeborahYanni said...

hahaha Great list!! I have no idea why 2 Chainz gets me so crunk too! lol

Anonymous said...

Good list!
The headphones is definitely a plus, I would have a bad day if I were to ever forget my headphones!
Oh I also carry my planner, I feel lost without it!
Heck yea 2 Chaiinnnnnnzzzz!! =)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I think if I was more organized like you, I wouldn't be "That Girl" digging around in her purse for five minutes holding up the line haha. As soon as I read that in your post I was like, "Damn she's talking about me!" haha.

Zauni | The Kind Side

Anonymous said...

I can tell you those boots need to get in MY bag! The chargers and notebooks are a mandatory thing with me too.

Emily Nail said...
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Emily Nail said...

I love this list! I have a lot of the same things on mine... especially the jewelry. I have spent most of my life accumulating some really amazing pieces that I could never, ever get back. I love watching people too, and hate when they notice me staring at them, I love your sunglasses idea!!! I am definitely going to use that now!

Love your blog. Now following you on Bloglovin'! (sorry about the previously deleted comment, it was a duplicate! technical issues!)