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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Time for Green Beer and Basketball!

(i know you love the Reptar shirt!)

It's already March I can't believe it!!! 
We are now almost through 1/4 of the year.
This means busy busy times are ahead and I'm ready.

Some things coming up:

Moving into my new house! (7 more days!)
Stroll Competition (ill definitely do a post to explain)
Birthday Celebrations!
St. Patricks Day Bar Crawl!
Possible FL trip!
March Madness! (college basketball)

At least most of it is fun! 
I'm still trying to complete my 101 in 1001 along the way...
 So posts about that will hopefully show up this month!

Hope everyone has a great week!

***If anyone wants to do a button swap with me let me know!
I'm new to the "Button Game" and I want to dive in!***



Rebecca said...

Just found your cute blog through the GFC Collective. I'm a new follower. Hope you'll stop by sometime!


Anonymous said...

Love the shirt!! I'm still working on my 100 in 1001 list!

Catalyn H said...

Thanks for linking up - March is def great Bc of green beer and March Madness!

Anonymous said...

hi , i found you thru blog hop. I wonder if you want to follow each other? :) and i love to do button swap with you! let me know! :)


Anonymous said...
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Julie at Pretty Youthful said...

It's a busy year for the both of us and how exciting to be moving into a new house?! Hope you share pictures! :)


jessica said...

i absolutely love saint patricks day! it's the day before my birthday so i always have so much fun those two days.

thanks for checking out my blog, btw!!

Simply Evani said...

Sounds like you have a good March planned! :) I wanna do a St. Pattys pub crawl!

Kimberlee said...

March Madness is definitely one of the funner parts of March :) Scout some cute boys hehe

Congrats on moving into your house... exciting!

Jessica said...

Love your glasses! Also excited about St. Patty's Day. Congrats on moving into a new house! That's always a big milestone in a person's life! -Jessica L

Georgina Castellucci said...

Sounds like a busy March! Have a great weekend Nikki and good luck with the move xo

Raeven said...

I'm totally loving your glasses and the Reptar shirt! Congrats on the new house - being a grown up has it perks from time to time, doesn't it? :)

Victoria Talia said...

Ahhh I used to love Rugrats!! Reptar was so cool!

P.S. You look so pretty with glases! And good luck on moving to the new house! So exciting! :D