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Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Trip to PA

So I recently took a trip to PA! I met up with my sorority sisters for a weekend of Spicyness :)
I flew into Philly and we drove to Bethlehem where I stayed with my sister Carolina.

There was about 7 of us in the house at one time and with one bathroom it was kind of crazy! But we made it work and I had a blast! Breakfast laughs and my huge hangover from Friday night Shenanigans really stuck out on the trip.

Bullet points of my journey to PA:
  • If you are low on gas DO NOT try and find the cheapest station first. Put in like 5 bucks and then search for another one. We almost learned the hard way getting stuck on a bridge right outside the Philadelphia airport at night!
  • When traveling its always cheaper to check your bag at the gate...not when you first arrive. Its free!
  • When its snowing outside...texting gloves don't provide any protection from the cold!
  • Make sure to take all pictures of outfits before leaving the house. If pictures are taken at the location make sure to take them ASAP before the drinking begins!
  • Set a schedule that leaves an extra hour for food and travel. Day drinking and no food will cause exhaustion to sink in and nothing productive will get done.
  • Overpacking is not advised but if it happens make sure the extra items are logical. 6 pairs of pumps to choose from when its snowing outside is not the smartest!

1. Waiting at the airport in Charlotte. I always have to travel in style 
(i love my new leggings! They were warm!)
2. I loved my gate number (my greek number is 3)
3. I made it to Philly as soon as it started to snow. I avoided a major delay
4. TeamSpicy made it to the bar just in time for $3 Long Islands!
5. The Saturday night step show was a major part of the weekend. My org won first place!
6. The snow that awaited us when we left the show. Everything was buried!
7. My friend Lupe is from Colorado. This was nothing! She took charge!
8. I Love You TeamSpicy
9. Step Show afterparty. It was sooooo hot in there. Party was okay but I had way more fun Friday night
10. My and my sister Sam. She has so much swag I love it!
11. I had a great hair day everyday in PA. Even with all the snow!
12. My last day in PA we went out for Malaysian food. This dish is called Nasi Goreng. So Spicy and delicious!


Elle Sees said...

thanks for sharing your trip with us. new follower alert :)

Jessica said...

Your hair does look beautiful in that pic! And I wish I could have explored Philly more! Looks like so much fun! -Jess L