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Friday, March 15, 2013

I say Bloglovin 8 times in this post!

Happy Friday!

Just a quick tidbit...

This whole Google Reader disappearance has everyone in a tizzy....yes I said tizzy. For the record I understand why they are getting rid of it. I always felt it was a hassle and annoying and when I really wanted to read someones blog specifically I would just go straight to their page. If i am following your blog and you have a BlogLovin button, you better believe I'm following you on both, but only reading through BlogLovin.

I recently had to sort of start my blog over...because my GFC followers weren't working. I didn't think this was a problem until I started to see that if people couldn't follow my blog with GFC, they were not using the option of BlogLovin and just not following at all. Which made me realize how many people didn't know about the site. This is now the chance that the site has been waiting for....BlogLovin must be having the Best Week Ever! (thanks VH1)

To be completely honest (don't be mad) a majority of my blogs that I read daily or weekly are on Bloglovin so I have no problem switching over. If I follow a blog on GFC its mostly because I have been told to do so in order to be entered for a giveaway. But BlogLovin is way more organized and I can see the actual blog and appreciate all the time people spent making their blogs.

Sooooo with that being said....

If you would like to continue following me and currently are using Google Reader, go ahead and get it over with and switch to BlogLovin now and click on my button in this post or on my sidebar. When I first started blogging last year, signing up for BlogLovin was the best decision I made. It gives me the chance to put blogs into catagories (I have my favorites, my fashion, my link-ups, etc) and its EASY!

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What is everyone's thoughts on this whole Blog switch?

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Anonymous said...

Oooh I'm going to have to check this out!

Tamara Woods said...

I'm one of those in a tizzy! I'm thinking between BlogLovin and Feedly.

Anonymous said...

The change hasn't phased me one bit. I've been reading all my blogs through Bloglovin' for months now. It's MUCH easier and I like that I can slack on reading for days but I'll always know what I've missed.

Share a Secret said...

cool!! Tks for the info!