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Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's Ok...

Its Ok Thursdays

...to be late for work. 
This is the first time in weeks! I was just really tired and wanted to sleep that extra 10 minutes. 
Then it turned into 45.

...to eat cereal for dinner. 
This last week I have come home so tired that I don't want to make dinner. 
So Frosted Flakes it is.

...to be against the "Diva Cup"
If you have't seen it check out Divacup.com
I am just not down for the "emptying of the cup" 2-3 times a day.
But to each his own.

...that I have not done my hair in a week.
The weather has made me and my beanies best friends.
So until Spring appears I wont be doing it. 
Fishtail braid expert right here.

...that Shoedazzle forces me to purchase shoes. 
When you take 10 dollars out of my account I have no choice but to purchase.
And Daily emails are basically TELLING me that the shoe is on sale for ME to order.
Well done Rachel Zoe. Well done.

...to not accept made up children names.
For the record Rejouissance, Giselangel, and Zah'Laiye are NOT names. 
The children were nice, those names are not.
I'm sorry to judge but it makes it hard for subs like me to take attendance.

...for me to check out 15 library books and 
continue to renew them until I finish reading them.
I'm currently on book 5.
I've renewed twice. 

...that I am addicted to Instagram. 
I feel some type of way when I don't get to post a pic for the day.
I'm proud of my 712 photos.



frikken DUCKIE said...

BWAHAHAHAHA! I love this.

I'm a huge fan of sleeping in, love cereal at any time of the day, and I am too lazy to do more than brush my hair twice a week!

I'm not a ShoeDazzle fan anymore since all their prices went up so I'm sticking with JustFab right now. Broke girls gotta get their shoes too! Lol.

And yes, some people have been getting OVERLY creative with their kids' names. I get that you're trying to be original, but its getting outta hand already!

Also, I just wanted to say thank you so much for being such an awesome follower of my blog! I know it takes me FOREVER to respond to comments but I really do appreciate all the love you've shown my little blog! And trust, this is not a copy and paste comment. Lol!

♥ Duckie.

Jessica L said...

I wish I could sleep in- it's really hard for me to because my body is on a natural clock. And I use to eat cereal at all times of the day- but now I'm all for eating breakfast food for lunch or dinner. -Jess L

Revamp Spunky Rena said...

Hi Lovely, I'm your newest follower from Aloha Blog Hop. Followed you via GFC & Bloglovin. Feel free to visit, follow & leave me comments @ www.revampspunkyrena.com

Amber (classy ever after) said...

Hahahaha! You sound so much like me, I can't even stop laughing at how much I relate to most of what you posted!!

• Definitely had cereal for lunch today!
• I'm a substitute teacher as well, and it can be quite awkward to take attendance. You might appreciate this video called "Substitute Teacher" by Key and Peele! :D
• I definitely renew library books to the maximum extent. Right there with you girly!



Ewwwwww. I've heard of the Divacup and I'll stick to my tamps, thanks. Totes agree with all of these!!