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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random Thursday #3


Here are mine...i have quite a few. 
When things get introduced in my life, I take them and enjoy it until I cant anymore.

1. Bad Girls Club
It is very well known that I am a Reality TV junkie. Like, I may need rehab for it, but my all time favorite show is Bad Girls Club. After about 9 seasons (and ive seen every single episode) it has gotten pretty predictable, but I cannot resist watching 7 girls constantly fight and try to be the alpha-female in the house and overall try to "change" lol. Its so trashy its good!

2. Instagram (these are not my pics)
This app was the FIRST one that I downloaded as soon as I got my iphone and i've been in love ever since. Along with Twitter, I check Instagram everyday. I love taking pictures and enjoy looking at all my friends seeing all the cool things they are doing. Plus i like how the filters make me look! :)

3. MAC Studio Finish Concealer
Somehow being the multiple hour sleeper I am (we are talking some days almost 9 hours when i'm not working) I still wake up with bags under my eyes. So to combat it I use MAC Studio Finish Concealer. It is fabulous and blends well. I don't like to use is everyday, but when I am going out...it is my go-to!

4. Simply Lemonade
Sooooo yummy! And my favorite is the Raspberry Lemonade. 
Mix it with a little raspberry vodka and its amazing!! 
But by itself I could drink it everyday. 
Plus its all natural. Nothing wrong with that :)

Happy Wednesday!


Shar Martinez said...

Bad girls club and Simple lemonade... I hear ya girl! :)

xoxo ♥ Shar

Katrin said...

I have never heard about that show! I need to check it out! Sounds entertaining!

simplyevani.com said...

Lol oh Bad Girls, such a guilty pleasure of mine. I can't even watch it with other people because I'm embarrassed. Haha And I Loooooove Instagram too! :)


Lin said...

Bahaha, I thought I was one of the only people to still watch this train wreck of a show! I've watched every season & my husband always makes fun of me for it but I can't stop...it's so addicting. Simple lemonade is so delicious, especially on a hot summer day.

Thanks for linking up with us, hon!

M. said...

Oh man, now I want lemonade! LOVE Instagram (and you picked some awesome shots!). So much fun! I like studio finish concealer - especially in the summer. Can't go wrong with a little extra SPF, right?

Thanks so much for linking up!

Carla said...

I haven't watched Bad Girl's Club since Tanisha was on there. I'm not sure how many seasons ago that was.

I've just recently picked up Simply Lemonade Mango because I've heard so many good things about it.