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Friday, August 3, 2012

My trip to the Concrete Jungle...NYC

So I'm finally able to post a couple of Instagram pictures from my trip to NYC. Let me just say that because of this trip I have realized how much I need a longer battery for my Iphone. I would have had more pictures but my phone kept dying :/ How am I supposed to Tweet, text, take pictures, and use apps for 12 hours and no plugs anywhere? I hate being that person that always carries a charger with them but until I get a Mophie that is what I have to do.

1. My CUTE travel bag that I got from Ross. It was perfect for me because it was comfortable to carry (and I had to carry it a lot all over the dang city) and it held alot. I was there for 4 days and had so much in there!

2. While on the subway headed to meet up with my sorority sister, a tall skinny guy walks on the train and proceeds to dance to Billie Jean, moves and all. It was highly random and I heard about this happening regularly, but to experience it is another story. I have to say, he was pretty good. I didn't have any cash to give him a tip though.

3. I was only in Times Square for a short time, but I thought that the advertisements all around were very nice. Of course I went the weekend that Batman came out so I really thought the movie ad was cool. It took up an entire building which is just so crazy!

4. Like I stated earlier my phone was ALWAYS dying. From using my subway apps to get around and tweeting about my trip, my phone was always in the red by 7pm. Luckily I had my charger and I managed to find an outlet at every bar we went to. Yeah I did that lol It was great because I don't think no one every thought about it until I did it.

5. My partner in crime Stephanie and I the first night in NYC. She is my favorite person to party with because we are very adaptable when things don't exactly work out as planned. My sorority sisters are my party people and since I left Orlando it was my first time seeing her in almost a month. My shirt, which I got from H&M, says "Dance until Dawn" and that's really how it is there. We were out at the bar until 330am and took a bus to NJ where we were staying and didn't roll up in the house until 5am. I think the whole weekend I slept a total of 10 hours. In 4 days? That's so unhealthy.

6. Our last day up north some of our frat brothers took us to Jersey City to go to brunch and then to a pier bar called Surf City. We had some drinks, took in the view and watched people drive by in their ridiculous yachts. It was awesome. Nice way to start the day before we headed to a BBQ.

7. Banana King is an awesome place. Its like Latin fast food. And the shakes. OMG. I had a passion fruit shake and it was crack. I am a Jamba juice junkie and this was a very close second. I enjoyed it along with a pork sandwich and a beef empanada. I was in heaven. Its so hilarious that one tip I was told was that to go to a BBQ up north you should eat ahead of time. Which is why we went to Banana King first. Apparently so many people come out that you cant guarantee a lot of food. So i was full at the BBQ and drank only water and a couple cups of Upsilon punch :)

8. The BBQ we headed to was in NJ and it was nice to just hang out. Of course it was ridiculously hot but I just enjoyed the company of everyone. It was definitely a maxi dress kind of day so I pulled out blue purple and white one I got from Burlington Coat Factory. I love it! There was a basketball tournament (guys with shirts off) and music, so it was chill.

Sunday evening I had to get back on my bus and start my journey back to NC. At the end of my trip, I reflected that I have a terrible sense of direction and that next time I go to NYC i will be more prepared money wise and clothing wise.

The savior of my trip was my purse. I carried my life in that thing and was always prepared to go from day to night. You cant take the subway in 4 in heels so I had to have them in my bag along with make-up, sweater, sandals, and regular purse contents. Let me just say that after this weekend my arms were worked out.

All in all great trip...Im already trying to figure out another time to go back :)


Georgina Castellucci said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time! Enjoy this weekend too :)

Niesha said...

ohh amazing pics..:) Seems you had a good time dear ..:)

simplyevani.com said...

I know what you mean about the phone battery thing! It's so annoying when you're out and about and have to think about battery life. I definitely carry a charger with me when I'm out but I wish there were another way! Great pics and stories!!!


Kristina said...

Participating in the GFC Blog Hop for the first time! I'm your newest follower. :)


Mrs Whiffo said...

God I love NY, it is the most beautiful city and nearly as good as my hometown :)
I know what you mean about the iPhone battery, with every upgrade its lifespan just gets shorter and shorter. If i wasn't such an apple whore, I would think about swapping.
WW Link Party Member