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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wish List for May

So every month I always make a small wish list of things that I intend to buy that month. Keyword is INTEND since I always end up getting other things that catch my attention. I suffer from small doses of shopping ADD but its a touch and go thing. But for the most part I always end up with what I intentionally went in to buy. Except for Target lol I can't go in there without looking at the no-no areas (shoes, beauty, jewelry, and clearance!)

I organized my closet the other day by color because I read in a magazine that if you do that its easier to see what you have a lot of. Well low and behold I found out that I love to wear black, grey, blue, and purple. Those are my go to colors and I need to stay away this summer; or at least cut back.I am trying to focus on adding things that are versatile and colorful to my wardrobe so we shall see how it goes.

White Jeans/Capris/Bermudas: I have a love hate relationship with white because of the "dirty" factor. But I have a really great navy blue blazer that I want to wear and I think it would look great with white jeans instead of dark ones

Brown Sandals: I really don't have any flat shoes. I live in heels! But since it is the summer I know there will be a lot of times that I need flats. Mostly during the day and even at work. I like to be comfortable at work so I never wear my 6-inchers to the job. But a couple of cute pairs of sandals in colors OTHER THAN BLACK would have my wardrobe a lot. Maybe i choose more colors to wear up top.

Maxi dresses: Now I already have one but I figure I cant just wear one all summer. They are more comfortable than I thought because there really is no effort to wear these dresses. I love the idea of slipping it on and going. But I plan to get bright colors. The one in my closet is BLUE lol

Shoes!!: I said I buy shoes every week and I really wasn't kidding. I'm going to have to post a picture of my collection just so it can be known how bad my addiction is!

Suede Mary Jane Wedge: I have been staring at these for a month now and I haven't decided which ones I really want. Blue or Fuchsia. If I get the fuchsia I would have to find something amazing for them to go with. I already have so many things that go with the blue ones!

Cork Wedges: I really love the way cork wedges look. They seem lighter and a couple I have tried on were. I am not a fan of the original espadrilles because they felt bulky and I could never find ones that didn't cut into my skin. But we shall see. The tribal ones look awesome!

Blue Keyhole Pumps: These a elusive just because they are sold out everyone on line except for one place. I want to replace my old blue pumps with these. I would be adding blue again to my collection but I feel like switching out doesn't count right?

**Sadly this is only my wish list. What I end up at the end of the month will be a whole other story. Ill recap at the end just to see how I did**

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