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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May Catch-Up

So I thought I would do a little catch up of my month so far...these are just a few photos of the beginning of May!

Left to Right: Outfit for Firestone Henry Santos concert, New D&G glasses, Shoedazzle shoe Solara, Me, Anne and Ashley heading out for a graduation celebration, Cinco De Mayo Outfit, Shoedazzle shoe Insatiable.

Henry Santos concert was a disaster! We ended up leaving the venue to go visit people downtown before the show started (he didn't even perform until 1am) but we weren't allowed back in the club when we returned even though the bouncer TOLD us we could before we left...smh. It did end up being a good time anyway because we club hopped and that is always fun. I broke in my new black wedges that I got from Charlotte Russe and my feet didn't hurt the entire night!

I am so happy that I was able to get new glasses after 3 years of having my old ones. I'm always late when it comes to updating things like prescriptions, but 2012 has let me get things in order. I love these frames and I am so happy with my choice. Not gonna lie, they look exactly like my old frames except they are all back and not black and red  ^.^

Christmas came when I received my Shoedazzle shoes in the mail! I had been waiting on my insatiable shoe for A MONTH!!! They are limited addition and super high but I love the way they make my legs look. Because of the height and the platform these are definitely NOT clubbing shoes so I will have to find a nice event to wear these where I wont be moving a lot or perhaps sitting down lol. The Solara is the nude shoe I have been waiting for! I still want patent leather ones, but these are so classy and I am excited to be wearing these this weekend!

Graduation has come and gone at UCF but they sure do love to party down here. So the Friday night of graduation we headed downtown to see everyone after SEVERAL venue changes (i like to club hop, but not with so many people). After a long conversation we decided to visit and stay at a club one of my good friends started working at. It was an interesting night to say the least. We had a stalker who refused to speak to us, stayed within 10 feet of us the whole night, and when we didn't give him any attention THREW BEAD NECKLACES at us....who does that????? It was weird but fun. Didn't get my usual slice of pizza at the end of the night but my feet were killing so I wouldn't have wanted to wait.

CINCO DE MAYO was awesome! Early dinner at a Mexican Restaurant called Maria Bonitas :) and really strong Margaritas!!! That night we headed downtown (yes I frequent there) and drank Coronas all night and danced the night away! I had a blast! My outfit was so much fun. I had bought my tribal skirt weeks before and was saving it for this outing. My good friend Anne let me borrow her shoes because I admired them so much the night before :) They are by Wild Pair are sky high but ridiculously comfortable. Unfortunately I have been trying to find my own pair but cannot find the EXACT ones. They only have a snakeskin or red leopard. But i am not complaining because I WILL be getting the multi colored snakeskin. Ill probably add them to my June wish list :)

So that's all that has been going on so far in the month of May...but its almost over! Ill recap the last couple weeks once its over...Memorial Day in Charlotte is coming up and a bday celebration that will probably be a little chaotic!!

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