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Friday, May 25, 2012

Im going back to Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte ::LL Cool J voice::

So i officially announced my departure from Orlando, FL to head back to Charlotte, NC. And by officially I let my sorority sisters know and gave my job my 2 week notice. So its been a pretty emotional week. I need to add some sort of countdown clock on my blog lol. Im leaving in 25 days so I dont even know if that would be worth it...

Im behind on a lot of posts just because there is a lot of stuff going on and blogging just slips my mind. I plan to work on that this summer. Somehow I feel like there will be more time to do that. But now that its official I need to get into "move" mode because I have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it. Procrastination is my game and I am an expert.

So this weekend I am heading to my cousins for a family BBQ and I need to bring the first batch of my stuff. But I need to start purging. I love moving!! ::pause for reaction:: and I love to throw away stuff I dont need or use ::pause for same reaction:: I like the idea of being very mobile and having a crapload of stuff to lug everywhere does not follow that idea. Plus when you get rid of old stuff it means its time for new stuff :) So that is what I will be spending hours of my day after work doing. Purging and packing up the car. I leave bright and early tomorrow for Charlotte.

Random Pic of the Day: Last week I went to a Food Truck Bazaar (sadly no pics) and the first place I hit was Chicken and Waffles. Sooooooo delicious! I am such a fat kid and I can back this up because this photo is my Facebook profile pic smh...but it was fun and the next time there is food truck event I plan to spend more time trying everything. And photograph it all!

I have a lot more photos on my Instagram so follow me :) missnewbourgie 

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