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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Think Like A Man

So I went to go see Think Like A Man on Tuesday and I must say that this movie really did live up to my expectations. It had everything needed for a good romantic comedy. Laughs, plot, and of course relationship drama. Now I'm definitely not one who likes to go see romantic comedies on dates because it's gross and cliche', but I think that this movie definitely would spawn good conversation with the opposite sex and give more insight into the whole debate about which sex knows the other one better. So I would definitely recommend this as a date movie. My date was my sister Ashley who has very similar tastes in our man qualities, as well how we want to be treated with said man. This in turn made it so much more fun to drool over the delicious men in the movie. We were also able to discuss the pros and cons of how a simple book could spawn so much controversy.

Now this is also the type of movie where I can't completely apply this to my life because of several reasons. These are just some thoughts that entered my head after the movie.
There are NOT gorgeous men like Michael Ealy and Terrence J roaming the streets (especially in Orlando) waiting for me to walk by them or be in the same bar so they can ask me out on a date. If thats the case I wish someone would share the secret location and give me a chance to see them.

Also as awesome as Steve Harvey's book is (Ive read both of them actually) I think I might not be in the right point in my life where I can apply it. Best example: The 90-day rule. My personal opinion is that we live in a time where if you arent "giving it up" not a lot of men would stick around. I get the whole "if hes interested and really likes you for you" he will wait, but most men see it as a red flag or they may want to "test drive" before deciding if this is someone they could see themselves with. Sex is a huge part of a connection with someone and it would be tragic to really like a guy, sleep with him, and it be terrible. Then all your good thoughts about him are tainted.
I feel like the book applies better to woman who are older and are not still going to clubs and college settings where they legitimately have to strike up conversations out of thin air and are not always alcoholically induced. I know currently in my life its hard to find a guy who is nice to look at, has a great personality, a job and or possible career goal, dresses well, and without asking is chivalrous. No man is going to be perfect but I would think its pretty hard to even find 3 out of 5 of what i just listed. Especially when you are in your early to mid 20s. So I guess we shall see what kind of men my late 20s bring me.

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kimberdoll said...

Awesome book review, I've seen this in the stores and wondered about it! I agree, 90 days is a bit steep!