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Monday, April 30, 2012

Blog Bananza

Its MONDAY!!!! I have to make it seem like I'm excited about it but really I'm not...I'm back in my office doing everything but actual work lol. Randomly with work I seem to spend my mornings doing nothing but after lunch I have the sudden urge to be productive and do as much work as I can so I don't fall behind. Once Thursday or Friday hits I don't even want to look at a piece of paper.

So to pass time today I have been going Blog Crazy. Like literally sitting here staring at numerous blogs trying to figure who I would like to follow and read about weekly. I hope that one day my blog would get as much traffic as others but I realized that even if that doesn't happen Ill still be happy that I am keeping up with my life.

While looking at all these lovely females blogs I saw that a lot of them want to be fashion or beauty consultants. That is just not me. Don't get me wrong, I love make-up, shoes, clothes, all things girly, but I know that I could never keep up weekly with trying new products and giving opinions about trends and such. I love me some shoes though so if anything I would definitely be posting about my weekly shoe buys (because seriously I'm buying like a new pair every week!). I like to read these blogs but I truly just love to read about peoples adventures in cities that I don't live in or might not ever get the chance to travel to.

My favorite blogs though to read right now are the ones that are kind of a collection of everything where it seems like they just want to connect with people outside of their own world and that's cool to me. I feel like that's me; more of a "lifestyle" type blog. One day Ill feel like talking about what I bought at the mall, the next day I could talk about my battle with cleaning and organizing my closet, and then start babbling about my obsession with sushi. All that can be jammed in here and I love reading posts like that on other blogs because I could relate and comment.

So the blogs I have chosen to follow are all over the place. I'm still figuring out how to dress up my blog and add more connection links but I will have a section to show all the blogs I check out. But until then I recommend going to bloglovin.com to start!

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