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Thursday, April 26, 2012

eBay Anniversary

So randomly today was my anniversary for being an eBy member for 7 YEARS! I couldn't believe it. I have been ordering random items since 2005. I remember back in college I did not have a car so when it came time for key items that I really wanted I would turn to eBay and have it delivered right to my dorm. It was so perfect. I ordered everything from pea coats to jewelry and my obsession at the time; Vera Bradley. Yes I loved those bags but refused to pay full price and found so many people who bought a bunch and sold them for cheap on eBay. I never buy anything used and I am an avid checker of reviews (one bad review and I cant mess with you). But today I just felt like it was a good day to order things so I picked up a couple items and Im so excited about them!

CELL PHONE CASE: I got this rhinestone blingy case for my iphone and I have to say that it is so simple and chic and cute it definitely fits me. I wanted something that was very glam but wasn't an entire case covered in crystals. I love the bow and the fact that you can still see the bottom part of the phone. Now it was only 7 bucks with free shipping! You can't beat that. The downside; its being shipped from Hong Kong and could be here anytime between May 14th and May 25th. OMG thats like a whole month. But for such a cute case ill wait. Until then Ill just stare at the picture.

CHEROKEE MOCCASIN BOOTIES: Now these were a gift for me and I am so happy to be getting these. The ship time is way quicker than the phone case. I am hoping to have these bad boys by Cinco De Mayo. I decided that since downtown is going to be crazy with all the celebratory madness I dont want to be dragging along in my stilettos; it is not going to be a typical club night. But since these are booties I dont have to worry about my legs getting hot and Ive already decided on a cute outfit that im wearing out. I love the fact that even though they are moccasins they can be worn in the spring and summer too! I got them in black but if I am really enthralled when them Ill probably get the tan too. 32 bucks and free shipping again. The original site no longer had my size so I did some digging until I found them! eBay was a winner with me today!

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