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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Real Love...I'm searching for that real Love...

If there was anyone that made me feel like soul mates and real true love exists, 
its my friend Tiffany and her husband Lex. After 6 years they finally tied the knot! 
I have known Tiffany since college and I love how happy Lex makes her!
Their wedding was amazing and very "them"!

This cake was so beautiful! I'm obsessed with it!

It was simple, elegant, and very classy!
Tiffany and her family planned the whole thing and it came out awesome!
Grey and light green (I don't know the correct color name) are such great colors together.
It was all way beyond my thoughts and expectations!

Her dress was custom made!

Tiffany walked down the aisle to a live version of  "When I First Saw You" and I definitely teared up. 
It was sung beautifully and of course the bride looked gorgeous!

Sunglasses were the wedding favors with the wedding date. So cute!

Our table had the all the ladies who have known Tiff and Lex for a long time!

The best part of the night was the dancing. 
The DJ played everything and we stayed on the dance floor for awhile. 
A Sunday afternoon wedding is definitely different, but it was still nice and intimate.
I wish Tiff and Lex all the best and it will be great to see their marriage bloom from the very beginning!



Stephanie said...

Oh wow her dress is really pretty! It looks great on her.

Jessica L said...

Congrats to the newlyweds!

Carla said...

I just LOVE weddings. This looks like an awesome and amazing wedding. The bride and groom looks absolutely beautiful and her dress was just.. to. die. for. His shoes? YES! I loved them.

You all looked amazing!

Congratulations to them!