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Monday, February 18, 2013

My Valentine's Day

I love this! Maybe you have to have a large chest to feel that this is especially funny!

I know its Monday and its been almost 4 days since Valentines Day, but I still wanted to share. Plus its been about 2 weeks since I last posted and I need to catch up on all that has been going on in my life!

So first things first. V-Day!

This man is so awesome! My boyfriend Greg! This was our first Valentine's Day together in 2 years (we just recently got back together) and he really wanted to make it special. But our work schedules are really crazy and opposite so we had to make sure our Thursday evening was at least free. 

My Vday gifts are so cute!
Lets talk about my watch for a second! 
I literally couldn't say anything for like 10 minutes I was just in awe of my new watch. 
Greg knows how much I love leopard print, but I didn't even know Express had a watch like this! 
I'm not a big wearer of Gold, but this watch is amazing and I don't even care. 
Its a great combo of all that I love. Sparkle and Leopard. Well the main 2 things that I love :)

You know I love any excuse to dress up so I decided to go against the holiday (even Greg wore Red) and wear one of my favorite colors....royal blue! My black leggings had a tuxedo stripe of sequins down the side and since it was freezing I decided to nix the pumps and go with calf high boots. I'm glad I did because I wasn't cold at all, mostly because there was no exposed skin.
Topped it off with my leather jacket and I was so happy with my outfit choice!

Greg has started to become obsessed with sweaters so he was dying to wear his new Guess sweater. I love it on him and of course he had to pair it with a dress shirt and tie! He always looks good when we head out. 
I hate that he tries to dress better that me!!! Lol

 Dinner was great! We went to Hibachi and had some amazing food!
Greg and I made a deal to put our phones away as soon as we sat down to eat so that we could really just spend time with each other. Its sad that we have to do that now, but we were just being realistic.
We both LOVE each other AND our IPhones!

We topped the night off with one of our favorite things....basketball!
Yes, not the most romantic thing, but so very us! See the Heat were playing the OKC Thunder and the Lakers were playing the Clippers. Both awesome match-ups and being that we both have players we like on each team and I am a Clippers fan (Chris Paul is awesome sauce) and Greg loves his silly Lakers, it was only right that our date had to end with our rivalry being fed.
We had a couple drinks, some appetizers (yeah we are fat kids) and watched all the games.

And guess who came out on top....ME.
Heat won AND the Clippers won :)
So all in all it was an amazing night and Greg made our first Valentines Day back together so very special and fun!


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Jessica said...

Ooh chocolate, a pretty watch, and Japanese food! Those are two things that I will always love no matter the occasion! -Jessica L

Melanie Miller said...

It looks like you guys had an amazing time, what a great and memorable night :-)

I am here from The Wednesday Chronicles and am now following you via GFC and Bloglovin' :-)

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