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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Weekend!

My weekend was very short. I basically worked the whole time....story of my life these days.
But there was a nice little surprise Saturday afternoon....SNOW!!!

It literally came out of nowhere and for the first couple hours I was not happy about it. 
But then I realized that its kind of awesome and I hadn't seen snow in almost 4 years! Not counting my little visit back to Charlotte and being snowed in in 2009, and PA at the beginning of this month.

I am a constant weather checker and the news said that it was going to be too warm for it to snow. And when you live in Charlotte that's usually true. Up in the mountains it snows all the time and its inches upon inches. Down here, nothing ever sticks. 

But after work on Saturday I walked out of the Rec Center to a literal blizzard. Wind blowing snow everywhere. Geronimo looked so sad (as if a car had feelings) and I wanted to just get home safe.

Now being that I live in the South it is always a giant headache trying to drive in snow; that's because people STILL haven't learned how! They are either driving 2 miles an hour holding everyone up or speeding down the road at like 80 miles an hour in a SNOW STORM I guess trying to get home faster. 
Both are terrible ideas and I try to avoid them at all cost.

The snow stopped after about 3 hours and the evening was beautiful with all the fresh white stuff to play with. I had a birthday dinner and outing that didn't get cancelled despite the snow so I was able to enjoy the quiet streets. Uptown was pretty dead. I guess no one wanted to deal with the cold AND snow. 
One is enough in Charlotte.

I do wish that I had gotten the chance to stay inside though and cuddle up in bed and read. 
That's what I really want to do when it snows, not go to work or out to dinner.

Oh well, maybe next time.



Michael said...

We only had one storm here in NJ. We ended up with roughly 6-7" by me. I was disappointed. I wanted more. I love being snowed in.

Sarah E. said...

I live in NY...no one knows how to drive in snow up here either. LOL