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Friday, August 1, 2014

Hello August...I'm back!

So it’s a new month.  My Hiatus is over, again. This time I’m going to stay on the plan. I may sound like I’m an addict trying to stay sober for the umpteenth time, but that’s okay. I realized in the last 2 months how much I need blogging. It’s become something that I use for sanity, strength, and clarity. That’s a lot of pressure on something that is supposed to be just a fun hobby. But with all the things I have going on right now, it’s very much needed. Summer is almost over and I plan to spend these last couple weeks developing my “habit” again. But I am not going to be over ambitious and blog every day. For now, I’ll give myself 3 days a week. Maybe 4 if there is a special occasion. We will see how that goes.

My need for structure (military kid) and lack of stability in my life recently (job, friends, money) has caused me to miss what blogging did for me. It became work and I avoided it as much as possible. But when I got a chance to read some of my favorite blogs, I suddenly was recharged again and wanted to comment and use some new blog ideas I had. Very quickly the motivation fizzled out as soon as something frustrating happened in my life. That actually should have been the time that my computer was attached to me; using writing as an outlet and giving me something positive to focus on.

So this time I want to blog again because it makes me happy and I enjoy that connection I have made over the years with the community. I want to build that back up again. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for me.

Now being that it is Friday, I thought I would also do a little recap of how my week went so I can say goodbye to July on a good note.

1. Tried 2 new Pinterest recipes this weekend. 1 was a success and the other was a mere “Eh”. I will definitely be doing posts on those because I need to share with the world the improvement of my cooking skills. Or maybe the improvement of following directions.

2. I got a call on Tuesday that I got the Hostess position I interviewed for last week! I’m excited because I needed for more money coming in. 2 months late but it’s still happening. I am now officially a “Jamaican” with all the jobs I have now (if you have never heard that joke, don’t worry about it. It’s a Caribbean thing, being that I am Guyanese).

3. I’ve been on 2 dates with the same guy. I’m starting to branch out and be more open to the idea of new people.  Dating such a trial and error. I can’t believe I wanted to do it so bad when I was IN a relationship. Grass is always greener on the other side I guess. But we will see how things go with this guy. For now he’s someone I can continue chilling with.

4. It’s not exactly a highlight, but things have been going well with my personal trainer, but I suffered my first “injury” with him. Box jumps are not for the faint of heart and I was able to reach my goal of hitting the highest box, but not before achieving an abdominal strain. Right below my bellybutton feels like something ripped. Luckily it’s not too serious. But me and icy hot have become very good friends lately.

5. NSYNC released a compilation album. Well the record company did, not actually the guys. If that’s not a great highlight to my week I don’t know what is! This will be ordered ASAP!

High Five For Friday
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Shellie M said...

Welcome back , mwah!

Frikken Duckie said...

Welcome back! Sometimes you just need a break to get excited about blogging again! Looking forward to stalking your life! Lol.