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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I spent an evening last week with my best friend in the NoDa Art District. We were at the Neighborhood Theatre and I have to say the venue is pretty cool. Very open, relaxed atmosphere and acoustically awesome (you could hear them clearly in any part of the building!)

We had the pleasure of getting to see JohnnySwim. They are a married duo from Nashville and they are amazing. The woman Amanda Sudano is Diana Ross' daughter! Talk about talent! Now I remember seeing a song by them in 2013 called Heartbeats and I loved it, but then I didn't hear about them again until this year when Nicole told me about their album finally coming out and they were headed to Charlotte on tour. Apparently I'm the last one in the house to listen to them because both of my roomies have been blasting them over the last couple of months. 

Their opener was named Liz Longley and she is great! Another artist coming out of Nashville I was really able to relate to most of her songs and my friend even bought her CD. She was out front selling them herself btw so we got to talk to her and everything. I didn't get to record any videos of her because of memory saving tactics on my phone, but enjoy this grainy action pic and a YouTube video of the song I love called "Camaro". This is my absolute favorite of hers. Mostly because I relate to it completely. Dealing with heartbreak is rough.


So before the Johnnyswim concert I listened to their new album on repeat and I have to say I quickly developed some favorites. Check out their album "Diamonds" if you get a chance. You won't regret it. I only videoed snippets of my favorites. Take the World, A Million Years, and Pay Dearly are at the top. Enjoy my videos and pics, even though they do not do them justice!

 Heartbeats Video

 A Million Years (close you eyes and the video wont be so bad lol)

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