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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Life is tough...

I just recently had a death in the family and it has really shaken me up. Its hard to get back to normal so I have really just been taking it slow. I appreciate all the love I have been receiving at my job and friends though. Everyone deals with loss differently. For me I tend to keep myself busy, but some things just fall by the wayside. And that of course that has effected my blog. I love my blog and miss it, so I will be getting some new stuff written. I miss reading and commenting on some of my favorite blogs. I apologize, but Ill be back I promise.

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Tanay Michele said...

Sorry for you loss!
Miss you in blog-land but take your time coming back! We'll still be here! =)

Soph! said...

Sorry for your loss! Sending good vibes your way!