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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January is almost over...

Hope everyone is having a nice Wednesday. It's snowing here in Charlotte (or at least snowed yesterday) so school was cancelled for today. But I wanted to still get back to my blog for a second. Jessica "Duckie" at Frikken Duckie, let me take over a post on her blog today so go check it out! I'm co-hosting my first giveaway and I'm super excited about it! But over here...its time to confess.

my neighborhood. only an inch but still hard to get out!

*I love snow (sometimes) Yesterday it finally happened. Our lovely city shut down because a winter snow "storm" hit the South. I was so happy that Charlotte had a really great plan to figure out everything before the snow came. But I feel so awful about Georgia and all the issues they had with highways, people being stranded and having nowhere to go, car accidents. I pray that everyone is okay and got to their destinations safely.

*I'm ready to date again A lot of drama over the last couple months have shown me that i need to not backtrack; I just need to move forward. I found myself going back to the same kind of guys that either I have already dated (and stopped dating for very specific reasons) or staying within my "type" which didn't exactly work out for me either. So I'm making plans to try new things and date "new" people. Lets see how it goes.

*The Super Bowl does not excite me this year Seahawks and the Broncos *rolls eyes* I love me some football, but I'm a Giants fan so this game isn't really going to do it for me. However Peyton did amazing for me during Fantasy Football so I will be rooting for the Broncos.

*The Chipotle app is my favorite If you don't know about this app, you should. Its not a secret that I am obsessed with Chipotle but some days I just don't feel like waiting in line. That's where the app comes in. Order on line and skip everything when you pick it up. I've had Chipotle 3 days in a row. I have a problem.

*I joined a gym Eek! I took the plunge and signed up. I had buyers remorse for about an hour, but then I remembered the reason why I joined. I wanted to get started with Yoga and Pilates and even a little kickboxing. I wanted to start this week, but this snow seemed to stop all that. Oh well. Maybe next week.

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Brittany said...

That Chipotle app seems dangerous.

Yay for getting back out in the dating world :)

Bella said...

Good luck on the dating scene! I know I've done that before where I date the same guys and it's never anything to brag about LOL. Have fun and meet new people! :)

Uh oh, now I'm in trouble with this app you just shared! haha Thanks for sharing and linkin' up.

says.Alisha said...

girl the dating thing is crazy.. i bid you all the luck!! it lots of fun meeting and dating new people.. !!

Jessica Kim said...

I have never ever been in snow so I'm totally jealous right now. I'd like to experience it at least ONCE in my life - just not in a storm. Lol.

I'm actually glad we don't have a Chipotle here on Guam. I'd probably be addicted too.

And cheers to dating and getting fit! Maybe you'll meet some hottie at the gym...wink wink!

♥ Duckie.

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

i am SO OVER the winter. this past weekend, mother nature decided to have a little fun with us canadians and shat out another 20cm of snow so we spent the weekend digging ourselves out. fun.

people have been saying there's a chipotle in toronto but i've never seen it (i've never been there either! FOR SHAME!!)

Vodka and Soda