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Monday, January 6, 2014


Hope everyone in the path of this polar vortex stays warm and safe on the roads tomorrow. Does anyone really know what a "polar vortex" is? I looked it up and all I got was "blah blah North Pole winds, blah blah blah freezing temp." All I know is that its supposed to be so bad we have a 2 hour delay for school tomorrow. I'm a little sad that there is still no snow, but up against this wind chill I wouldn't want anything else to deal with in the morning. 9 degrees????? That's insane!! For North Carolina I mean. I'm sure in Boston or Michigan that is pretty normal (I don't envy you) but here in NC it is UNACCEPTABLE. I wish that school/work would just be cancelled. Imagine all the things that I could be doing instead of bearing the cold...

Guess I will have to save these for another day.

So what are some things you would rather be doing instead of going to work/school in the cold?

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Jordan said...

Wow we are in the 20s and I am dying. I can't imagine having single digit temps! Oh I can't wait for spring.

Lisa { Showered With Design } said...

eeep! That is too cold!!

No bueno!
Thanks for linking up !

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

So unreal to me. I can't believe it's so cold everywhere else when it ;s sill hot in LA. I hope you're staying warm :)

Thanks for linking up for MMG!

Kimberlee VDW said...

Wow a lot of people here in NYC had the day off or work from home days so I'm surprised you had to go in :( Bummer!

Kenya Hunter said...

Hi Nikki! Yes, the weather the past few days has been ridiculously cold!!! So glad we will finally be warming up! Welcome to Charlotte Social also!! Found your blog there!

xo, Kenya


K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

Thankfully, I get to stay in and work from home. But honestly, I don't mind the cold weather as long as I'm properly dressed and don't have to be in it for long. Going from the house to car to the store isn't that bad when I bundled up. But if I had a long of errands to run or had to walk around campus, then I wouldn't such a happy camper.

says.Alisha said...

girl I guess that is cold for you guys because here in Toronto Canada it was like -40 but we are degrees so I don't no what different it is .. besides all that man wrapping up with a cup od hot coco and a good old school movie line up..!
p.s I clicked your blog fell in love right away and and most def your newest follower