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Monday, September 17, 2012

My weekend at a glance...

So I had a very busy weekend....went to Atlanta with Greg and it was quite an adventure. 
It the first time he was meeting my extended family.

Friday: Greg and I arrived in Atlanta and stopped for some food at GrindHouse Killer Burgers
This place has amazing burgers fries!!! The most interesting thing is that they had alcoholic milkshakes called "boozy shakes". I didnt try one, I just had a mocha one, but I'm so intrigued I will have to come back and try one! Overall everything is tasty and plus the decor is really cool. 

Saturday: My little cousin had a baseball game and it was cool to be able to see him play. The team won their first game and it looks like he will be playing this sport for awhile. Look out MLB!
My parents also came into town and its always great to see them. 
The main reason that we came to Atlanta was to see my grandfather who is still recovering from his heart surgery in June. He has been slowing getting better every week and when I visited 2 weeks ago he requested to meet the boyfriend. You can imagine the face i made O.o because I wasn't planning on bringing Greg to meet the family until way later. But he came with me and it actually wasn't a bad experience.

Sunday: Back to Charlotte and back to work but it was great because the Giants won and the Cowboys lost in football. I was able to relax and get some good sleep. I planned out a couple of new blog posts so I feel very prepared for the week!

Hope everyone has a great week!


Jersey Blogess said...

So, I was going to say you had a nice weekend, which was great!! but then I saw that you dont like the Cowboys :( I dont like the Giants, although I should since I am from the north, but oh well :) and I live in ATL, so I will have to try that place and get that milkshake.

Evani Gatsby said...

That burger and onion rings looks BOMB!

Sarah Grace said...

that burger looks sooooo yummy! :)