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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Fabulous Weekend

So this past weekend was truly a blur! It had been awhile since I was out and about this much and I have to say that it was very reminiscent to my days going out in Orlando. But it was great.

It was a birthday bonanza. 3 of my friends were celebrating birthdays so the partying never stopped.

My lovely line sister Sabrina (right) was Friday. She has been a great friend since freshman year of college and now that she is a newly married woman I have gotten the opportunity to get to know her husband Wille very well. Its always an interesting experience when we all get together.

We headed to Monteford St which is new to me but after Friday night I wish I had known about this place earlier. Bars and restaurants, great music, diverse crowd; it was everywhere I wanted to be.

Since it was a birthday celebration things got a little crazy after a few shots came out. But dancing the night away was definitely the highlight of my evening.

I was able to spend the night out with Greg as well and its so awesome to see him getting along with my friends!

Toni (left) came into town from Atlanta and she is also a September baby but spent her birthday in Las Vegas (jealous) and it was so nice to see her as well.

So here are a few highlights from that evening...

All in all a great night....

Saturday was spent having dinner with more friends including my buddy Tiffany and best friend Nicole. I will be doing a whole separate post on that because that restaurant was so interesting that I have to save it!

I'm known to wear heels to any outing or gathering and tonight all the ladies did the same! It was great! I wish we took pictures while we were there because all of us looked so cute.

But Saturday was a good night as well with drinks and food and catching up. Its so hard for all of us to get together since most of my friends are getting married, have full time jobs, have kids, etc. But it seems that birthdays are the one exception that people definitely try to make.

And that gets me excited because my birthday is in 13 days ;)

So let the birthday festivities begin!


Evani Gatsby said...

Looked like a fun night! :)

Ashlee Christopher said...

Looks like a way way fun night you girls are stunning!! I know I am late but I am finding your cute blog from the GFC Hop!! Follow me back and lets be friends!
Excited to see what other fab posts you come up with!!