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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Been gone for a minute now I'm back with the Jump Off...

Wow that was an old Lil Kim song reference....those who don't know it shame on you! 
(just kidding Lil Kim is pretty awful). But hey, it seemed fitting...



It has been a crazy couple of months, busy as hell, but I felt really ready to come back to my blog. I want to approach it differently and have more fun with it. It was starting to make myself post just to say I did and keep my tiny gang of followers when really I should be writing on this thing because its fun and I feel inspired and I want to continue my connection to the world (or maybe North America...I'm not quite global yet.)

I've already got some great post ideas lined up so I am excited about those. 
Ideas that have been sitting in my Iphone waiting to be used. Well they are about to be!

But this post is strictly a little baby catch up...

It's my blogs 2 year anniversary and as cool as that sounds, it sucked that I haven't even been writing on it! I feel like men have popped in and out of my life like that. Here for awhile, drop off the face of the Earth for 2 months, then hit you up like it was nothing. Ugh. Tell me I didn't just do that.

So rather than make a whole bunch of promises that I will be held accountable for (or at least hold myself accountable for) I will just be making small changes when I can. No fuss, no announcement...just do it.

Now its time for my baby recap. Just a small glimpse in what I'm doing and what keeps me soooo busy!

*Got in the GYM! Got myself a Personal Trainer. 
It's been a week, but i'm still going! So far so good.

* Joined Tinder (DO NOT LAUGH) Yeah I'm way late....
It's actually pretty comical and interesting to say the least.

* Went to Miami (not real breaking news but still so much fun). 
I had a reunion with some of my closest girls and had a weekend of chaos!

* I'm on a Weave Strike. Well more like a hiatus.
 My money is disappearing daily to "Nikki's long list of things that I need in my life".
So I can't exactly afford to get my luxurious locks done. This won't last very long. I can feel it.

* Two jobs are still the worst. Since its getting closer to summertime I NOW have to find a new job to take place of school. I kind of wish I was working at a year round school. 
No muss, no fuss. And their vacation time is awesome! 
Hopefully I won't end up in retail, but if I have to....Ill do it.

So things are still hectic for me right now...
and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Great to be back!
 Hope everyone had an awesome Easter!


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KLP said...

I love your hair in this pic!

KLP | SavingOurStrands

Jessica Kim said...

So glad you're back! Sometimes we all just need a blogging hiatus to live our lives and have something to blog about later!

♥ Duckie.