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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


So I'm taking the plunge. After watching this happen for a couple of months I’m wanting to join in on the phone. Hopefully it doesn’t kill me. I’m talking about blogging EVERYDAY in the month of September. Well not everyday, every WEEKDAY. Which I think is awesome because my schedule is cray and I think it would be a hot mess my first go around to blog 7 days a week. Whitney at Observant Turtle is amaze-balls for doing this. Now I get a whole month to not have to think about what to post. Its already done for me! Woot woot. I think this will forceably put me in the habit of blogging and then maybe I wont have 25 unfinished posts waiting to be done! I want to feel more motivated to do them!
Right now my engines are running on full blast balancing the 3 jobs, personal trainer, social/dating life, sorority stuff. But I’m going to make it work. Please don’t think I’m crazy, this is just what is needed in my life. In 2015 shit is going to change, trust me.
Okay, so without further ado, I bring you BLOG IS SEPTEMBER. See how epic I am making this?
Day 1 Reintroduce yourself to your readers.
Hola! I’m Nikki. I blog here at The Bourgie Chronicles.

Basic deets; 27, jobaholic, single, and I live in Charlotte, NC.  It is always the hardest when people ask me to talk about myself. Beyond the intro facts about me what do you really want to know?
I'm a nomadic. I love to travel. I grew up military and moved around a lot as a kid. I don’t really have a hometown, but technically its Hawaii (I know, OMG that sucks!) I lived there for awhile (2 times overall) and graduated high school there, so I call it home. If I could afford it I would totally go back and live forever.

Wonder Woman is my life. Period.

I am obsessed with glitter, leopard and shoes. I collect coffee cups and have an obsession with brunch.
These are all things that can be read in my side bar into on my blog that’s nothing interesting. But still very important to know about me. In fact, I have an About me page that if you really want to skip all this you can always check me out there.
I have recently gotten back into my reading habits and have a huge list of books that I categorized by season (don’t ask why) and I am trying to barrel through them. If you have any suggestions as to what I should read please send me a message! I’m definitely that person who will refuse to see a movie if its based on a book I havent read yet. Then it gets added to the list. I just finished A Fault In Our Stars and The Giver this week so its about that time to check them out.
The last thing I want to share is that I am absolutely a social media whore addict. I love all of it. Instagram (IG as the cool kids are saying), Twitter, SnapChat, and of course Facebook. I Instalurk with the best of them so go ahead and lurk on me too! All of my names are the same! MissNewBourgie.
Boom. Follow, like, @ me, snap, all that. I love new friends and making my timelines never ending!
Hope you havent left yet. Because I still need to catch up. Did anyone notice how I wrote the first prompt on the third day? Yeah….thats because I showed up late to the party and joined in this morning lol. But ill catch up this weekend. Promise.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck girl, there's no way I could blog 5 days a week and have good content. Maybe I'll try for a week. Haha

I love reintroduction posts. They're fun. I never have any idea what to write because I lead the most boring life in existence: a daily variation of work, school, gym. Blah!

Kelly said...

Glitter, leopard, and shoes? We are on the same page!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

Ebankster said...

Well, I see September got away from you Miss Bourgie. Hopefully you give me something to read for November...

Patiently Waiting,
The Ebankster ;-)